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Even though you can play with Dragon City for free and you'll be able to get very far in the sport without having to spend a single dollar of actual money, sooner or later you may require some Gems to acquire the authentic nice dragons.

Now once you don't wish to really spend actual money on the sport, there are still ways to acquire Gems without having to spend cash for it and that is what I am showing you in this manual .

I know it's not like acquiring 1,000 Stone in 5 minutes, it is a Long-term strategy that you Will Have to follow and You'll Have the Ability to get around 55 Stone Each Week out of it and this can make that dragon you get out of it even more special for you

Best Approaches For Free Stone 

To start with, not each method here can be found on either, cellphone and Facebook -- I strongly suggest that you to have the ability to use both, therefore join your match Facebook and log into in Facebook once each week and vice versa.

Free Stone from videos
Constantly check your store when you perform mobile, there are frequently provides which will provide you 1 free Gem for seeing a 30-second advertisement -- a wonderful bargain when you look at just how much they charge for purchasing Stone.

Do not quit repeating watching them till they're gone, in most countries there are a number of ones accessible daily!

It is possible to use the daily Deus card shuffle with 9 cards to acquire 30 Stone -- sadly, this is only accessible at Facebook so join your accounts into Facebook if you simply play mobile to utilize it also!

Anyhow, with all the 9 cards that you see your opportunities to acquire the 30 Stone aren't 1 out of 9, it is more like 1 out of 200 days but nevertheless a wonderful daily increase you get at no cost.

Get the Jewelem's Tower constructed when you catch it in Dragon City -- the tower attaches to the Lush Island and unlocks at level 12 and will reward you with an excess Gem each and every day, so the quicker you get it that the greater will be your advantage long-term.

With every new level you receive you may find a few free Stone in Dragon City also (alongside the new things you unlock). There is a simple cheat which can allow you to gain new levels each and every single day, even when you're Level 50+.

You will just breed Dragons that provide you a great deal of XP when putting down them and you keep them. This will raise your XP a great deal and also supply you with a small additional Gold.

Another fantastic way, in the event that you set your habitats for Gold farming such as I have been showing you is putting extra habitats -- they'll also provide you with a whole lot of XP. When there's a message which you can not put a particular habitat since you already have the maximum amount of these attained, choose one and put it on your stock and you may build a different one. This is possibly the most effective hack to acquire a greater degree and the additional Stone which include this.